Legless Princess Peach Amiibo wants in on the Ebay auction action

The rush to sell defective Amiibo figures for sky-high prices is on.

Earlier this week a Samus Aran figure with two blasters sold for $2,500 on Ebay and now it seems other consumers with dodgy figures are hoping for similar success.

NintendoLife has caught wind of a Princess Peach Amiibo which is bizarrely missing its legs. It can still stand up, thanks to the included (albeit fragile) plastic stand attached to it, and for all intents and purposes should function as normal.

As the time of writing bidding stands at $238.38, although the reserve has not yet been met. We wonder if the seller is perhaps being a bit optimistic.

Eurogamer has also spotted a gammy Villager figure with backward arms. That’s currently on $40.99. Cue hoards of gamers rummaging through Amiibos on every UK High Street…

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