LEGO Lord of the Rings video game confirmed by new toy sets

Warner Bros will release a widely-expected LEGO Lord of the Rings game.

Packaging for LEGO’s new line of LOTR toys, inspired by the three Peter Jackson movies based on the books, reveals the title is on the way.

Earlier in the year we predicted that the new line of toys would pave the way for a game.

Bloggers and toy reviewers have ben receiving early versions of the sets due out later this summer, and have posted pictures of the small packaging promos online. Blurry images online show logos for developer Traveller’s Tales and its parent Warner.

New LEGO Super Hero sets likewise teased LEGO Batman 2 earlier this year – although in that instance Warner Bros did not confirm the game’s existence officially for some time.

Warner will likely officially unveil LEGO Lord of the Rings either in the coming weeks leading to E3 or at the show itself.

Traveller’s Tales and parent TT Games secured the LEGO licence back in 2004, and since then has made a series of adaptations turning branded toys into respected games, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribbean and Harry Potter.

Many of those games were also inspired by multi-part film series and warranted more than one gamma adaptation. While the Lord of the Rings game and sets are out this year, Warner’s New Line Cinema division is releasing the first of two The Hobbit movies this Christmas, so the same model may apply to this new lucrative franchise.

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