PS Vita and PS3 support to be added later on, company claims

‘Limited November launch’ for PlayStation Suite

The PlayStation Suite development kit will begin its global launch in November with a ‘beta release’, a Sony executive has said.

Shigeru Sugimoto, an engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment, said the SDK would first be released as a limited beta.

The initial launch will include an Android version and a smartphone simulator program for PCs.

According to news site Joystiq, Sugimoto said Vita development capabilities would be added in later, when Sony expands into an "open beta."

Further on, the SDK will support PlayStation 3. No dates have been revealed beyond the limited beta.

"We are targeting devices from other manufacturers as well," Sugimoto said in reference to other Android phones.

PlayStation Suite is a platform that Sony hopes will unite its games consoles with Android devices.

The Suite environment will let people build games onto both PlayStation Vita and various Android-based smartphones and tablets.

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