LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm developers hint at new games

We’re less than ten days away from Sony’s PlayStation Meeting 2013, where the company is widely expected to unveil the PlayStation 4, and two of Sony’s UK studios have hinted at new game announcements.

Coincidence? We think not.

Media Molecule, known for the LittleBigPlanet games, is currently working on Tearaway, a PS Vita game it announced last E3. However, you’d expect one of Sony’s most successful first-party developers to also have something cooking for the PS4.

The games section on the developer’s website has been updated with a new entry titled simply ?”. All the page includes is an 80’s music video for Toyah’s It’s a Mystery”.

Further evidence of a new game is found in the page’s metatag keywords – what are we doing at the moment, exactly, mystery, new game, how awesome will it be?, who knows”. Quite clearly, the developer is teasing a new game, and we may not have to wait long to find out what it is.

Meanwhile, OnlySP noticed a tweet from Motorstorm game director Paul Rustchynsky that simply stated 10 days!”, which is when the PlayStation Meeting takes place.

Quite a few hints were also dropped on Twitter by Motorstorm game designer Will Maiden, whose Twitter profile itself mentions that he’s working on a super secret project”.

Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios has been Sony’s go-to studio for 3D gaming on the PS3, and with rumours of the PS4 supporting virtual reality technology, Evolution could well be involved on that front as well.

The PlayStation Meeting 2013 is scheduled to take place in New York on 20th February.

Sources: OnlySP, NeoGAF

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