Mad Catz steps up publishing game

Peripherals firm Mad Catz says that it had to move into publishing or risk becoming ‘redundant’.

The company wants to become a multi-platform game publisher and is even considering bundling its games with its accessories.

Earlier this month it signed a publishing deal with Microsoft to produce games for Xbox 360. Before that, it opened an in-house developer ThunderHawk Studios, which is working on a PC MMO flight game.

There is nothing to prevent ThunderHawk focusing on Xbox 360 development in the future,” Mad Catz global PR and communications manager Alex Verrey told MCV. We aspire to publish on various different platforms.

The gaming landscape is changing at such a rapid rate that you have to adapt, grow and expand or else face the danger of becoming redundant.”

The company is releasing War Wings: Hell Catz, its first title in a series of flight sim games, next year.

Verrey didn’t rule out that Mad Catz may bundle its games with peripherals: I think Rock Band is a prime example of how potent a game can be when matched with quality hardware. I believe the ability to control our own software and hardware destiny is a very enticing proposition.”

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