WiiWare Week: Orr says Nintendo's platform 'drives developers to innovate, take risks and create new IP'

Madden creator on WiiWare episodic and user-driven content plans

The final part of our WiiWare Week series is now online, featuring an exclusive chat with Madden creator Scott Orr, head of outfit D2C which is currently producing Spogs Racing for the new Nintendo digital distribution platform.

In the piece, he explains that a "core part" of the game’s release strategy will rely on episodic downloadable content.

Said Orr: "This allows gamers to expand their game experience with new features and enhancements at their pace in a very cost effective manner.

"We’ll be making ‘racer packs’ available for Spogs Racing that will include new content such as tracks, car parts, and more."

Orr also added that the gameplay mechanics of Spogs Racing encouraged item transfer between players – a move which he called "game balance in its finest form":

"Racers literally crash and steal upgrade parts from their opponents in real-time. No need to spend money at a garage to buy upgrade parts; instead, get what you need when you need it, and face the challenge of losing your best parts to your opponents."

To read the full Q&A, click here.

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