Mario and Rabbids will unite in autumn Switch release

Nintendo and Ubisoft are teaming up for a new crossover title due out on Switch this August.

Kotaku has confirmed that Mario will join forces with Ubisoft’s Rabbids in a game called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. For what its worth, we’ve heard a couple of other journalists say that this news is spot on, so all in all it seems incredibly likely.

The game will be built using Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine and is described as a crossover RPG” that’s due for release in August or September. It will feature turn based combat and two player local co-op. It will be a bit ‘wacky’ too, as one might expect from a Rabbids outing.

Alongside Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Peach, the cast will be beefed out by four Rabbids dressed up as the aforementioned characters.

The Rabbids were spun out of the crazed rabbit characters that first appeared in the Rayman games. Indeed, the first Rabbids title carried the Rayman name – 2006’s Rayman Raving Rabbids.

The party game was released on multiple formats but found itself most at home on Nintendo’s Wii, which was at the time busying itself with redefining local multiplayer gaming.

A number of Rabbids titles followed over the next few years, with Wii, DS and then 3DS proving very much the focus.

The last console Rabbids game was Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show, which was released in 2014. Since then the series has been limited to smartphone.

Our money would be on a reveal for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle at E3 next month.

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