Mario Kart worlds biggest seller in 08

Nintendo dominated the list of the world’s biggest selling games of 2008 – with Mario Kart beating out titles such as Wii Fit and GTA IV to become the most popular game of the year.

Mario Kart Wii sold a total of 8.94 million units in 2008 according to recent findings from Top Global Markets, an integrated monthly report from leading providers of consumer and retail information in the video games industry, The NPD Group, GfK Chart-Track Limited and Enterbrain, Inc.

The title sold five million in the US, 2 million in Japan and 1.94 million in the UK

Wii Fit sold 8.31 million in total, with 4.55 million coming in the US. 2.15 million were sold in Japan, whilst 1.61 were sold in the UK.

GTA IV was the third biggest seller for the year, with 7.29 million. 5.18 were shifted in the US, with 1.85 being sold in the UK. Just 256,000 customers picked the title up in Japan.

Super Smash Bros Brawl sold 6.32 million overall, making it the fourth largest-selling game. 4.17 million came in the US, with 1.75 million in Japan and 404,000 in the UK.

Call Of Duty: World At War was the fifth biggest-selling game. The Activison title shifted 5.89 million games overall, with 4.46 million in the US and 1.43 million in the UK. The title was not released in Japan.

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