MCV @ GAMESCOM: Call of Duty devs hired eSports experts for Advanced Warfare

ESportswill play a major role in this year’s Call of Duty once again, and developer Sledgehammer has even hired competitive gamers to help.

However, lead multiplayer designer Greg Reisdorf says that they didn’t always take the feedback on-board, because the game has to be fun for all of its fans.

We use the eSports communityas a sounding board,” he told MCV @ Gamescom. We have guys at the studio that have been on the eSports circuit, and they are constantly playing and telling us what the issues are. And we’re like: ‘Hey guys, that’s great feedback. But does it fit with the vision of the game?’

This is the first game that we have lead on. We want to bring something new, whilst not alienating the 30m people who playit religiously.”

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