MCV GameTime: Industry TV advertising monitor (wk ending Sept 25th)

We look at recent TV advertising activity for games and the leading campaigns from September.

This is provided by specialist communication firmGeneration Mediawhich focuses on the entertainment and leisure industries.

Another week of year-on-year decline has resulted in the year-to-date growth figure being revised downwards again to 13 per cent.

There were exactly the same number of campaigns on air as the corresponding week in 2010 (14). There was however a 17 per cent reduction in the average TVRs per brand.

Out of the last seven weeks, there has now only been one week of year-on-year growth. This coincided with the start of hard-hitting campaigns for Microsoft’s Gears of War 3, THQ’s Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Nintendo’s Star Fox 64 3DS.

For the second consecutive week Microsoft’s Gears of War 3 campaign recorded the most individual TVRs with 74.This campaign now has hit 241 TVRs up to September 25th, 2011.

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Top games & soncoles campaigns from the last four weeks: August 29th – September 25th

Despite Gears 3 dominating the sales charts, it was Nintendogs & Cats that was the most heavily backed campaign, just edging ahead of Gears by 0.3 per cent market share. However, it was on air for one extra week.

Star Fox 64 3DS, officially on air for three weeks, mainly focused on the launch week of the campaign. 89 per cent (87 TVRs) of the campaign’s total TVRs were achieved in the first week.

F1 2011 makes the Top Ten despite only airing in the last two recorded weeks. In fact, 91 per cent of the campaign’s total TVRs were achieved in the second week of the campaign, as the first week consisted solely of one spot during a Premier League match.

Of the Top Ten, Driver: San Francisco had the highest weekly weight of advertising activity with79 TVRs per week.

What’s a TVR?

The TVR (Television Rating) is the measure of popularity for a programme or ad by comparing its audience to the population as a whole. One TVR is equivalent to one per cent of a target audience. So if Coronation Street achieved a Housewives TVR of 20 in Yorkshire it means that, on average, 20 per cent of all Housewives in Yorkshire watched it.

A campaign can achieve over 100 TVRs, however. But this does not mean that it has been seen by 100 per cent of the population, as TVRs only refer to the percentage of the population reached at the time of airing. So airing an ad during Corrie six times gives you 120 TVRs, but you may only be reaching the same 20 per cent of people.

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