MCV India calls for dedicated regional video games trade body

The Indian games industry is one of the world’s future powerhouses – and now is the time to form a trade body to support it.

That’s the call to action from’s sister site MCV India.

That is pretty much what any international game company looking to enter India has to deal with – ideas of limitless potential, but no real numbers on the ground,” the site claims.

Whoever does come here does so on little more than blind faith; in the hopes that if even a small fraction of India’s billion-plus population takes to gaming, there’s a massive market for them to tap in to. It’s why specialist games media like IGN, Gamespot, and even MCV for that matter, are focussing on the India market – there’s potential.

But beyond a point, that potential is going to have to be fulfilled and the Indian games industry is going to have to come up with real facts and hard numbers.”

That, the site argues, is where a regional trade body would come in.

Those numbers, those facts, and therefore the ability to accurately value and make predictions on a complex industry like gaming can only come when India has an independent, government-recognised trade body whose purpose is the monitoring, regulation and promotion of the Indian gaming industry,” it adds.

A country of one billion people has the potential for a massive consumer market for games, and yet there isn’t a single organisation working towards growing this market or regulating the growing market that already exists.”

Over the coming weeks MCV India will be talking to and offering insights from several prominent individuals from the Indian industry on whether they feel the need for such a gaming body and if so, how it can come about.

It will touch on all sectors – development, outsourcing, publishing, distribution, retail, and media.

If you’d like to jump into the debate yourself, head over to MCV India for the full story or tweet it at @MCVIndia. You can sign up for the free MCV India newsletter here.

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