Metro: Last Light coming to PS4?

A translation of a Ukrainian interview with developer 4A Games has suggested that a PS4 version of Metro: Last Light is in the works.

The interpretation, provided by a user on the Metro: Last Light forums, suggests that the game will likely come bundled with its predecessor Metro: 2033.

However, an article on Eurogamer Poland suggests that 4A Games doesn’t even have a PS4 dev kit yet, making talk of the port incredibly unlikely.

At least, that’s what Eurogamer UK’s Robert Purchese says having chatted with the Polish EG team. Our Google translation of the original article gives us the headline Metro: last Light will receive five DLC add-ons; not excluded the Prime Minister on PS4”. Which doesn’t really shed much light on things.

Whatever the truth of the situation a PS4 release for Last Light certainly makes some sense. The game is a graphical behemoth, with the PC specs claiming that a top-end Nvidia GTX Titan graphics card is needed to run the game at max settings.

Nvidia claims that Titan offers around three times the power found in PS4. Joining some dots and it’s obvious that Last Light could certainly stretch PS4’s tech to offer a great looking title.

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