Microsoft aims to drive HD-DVD

With market analysts claiming that Blu-Ray is slowly taking charge of the hi-def format war, Microsoft has teamed up with HD-DVD creator Toshiba to form the Advanced Interactivity Consortium, a body whose aim is to increase the uptake of the format,



The Advanced Interactivity Consortium has its roots in the work we’ve done with HDiT and HD DVD, but is open to all companies interested in bringing a broader set of experiences to consumers on different platforms,” Microsoft’s president of the Entertainment and Devices Division Robbie Bach stated.

We look forward to contributing to this effort with HDi, our implementation of HD DVD’s interactive layer, and to collaborate with AIC members on how to extend interactive compatibilities to the consumer electronics market.”

The Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive currently retails for 114.99 on the UK Hight Street.

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