Company to crack down on Modern Warfare 2 scam

Microsoft: Phishing not due to Xbox Live problems

The phishing warning Microsoft issued yesterday was not indicative of any Xbox Live vulnerabilities, the company has said.

Microsoft “is aware of the phishing problem specifically related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” the company told Develop.

“We are working to resolve this”, the statement read.

In the wake of an extraordinary data breach that rocked the PlayStation Network this week, Microsoft was keen to explain that the phishing issue is not related to any Xbox Live structural problems.

“Phishing is an unfortunate and common threat on the Internet,” the firm added, “and this problem is not related to the Xbox Live service.

“We encourage people to only do business with trusted sources and never give personal information to unfamiliar parties.”

The Xbox Live Status page on currently has issued a service alert for those playing Modern Warfare 2 online, specifically during matchmaking.

Phishing is a process where one individual acquires sensitive information (such as usernames, passwords and credit card details) by coaxing people to hand over their details.

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