Microsoft reaffirms Xbox Live security, refunds wronged blogger

There has been no breach to the security of our Xbox Live service.”

That’s the simple message from Microsoft today in response to fresh claims last week about security problems with its online content network.

And, as it did last year in response to a story in UK newspaper The Sun, the platform holder has once again insisted that users who have had their accounts compromised are victims of a phishing scam.

Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox Live service,” a new statement reads. In recent cases, some Xbox Live members appear to have been victims of malicious scams. Unfortunately this is something that affects many internet based services.

The online safety of Xbox Live members remains of the utmost importance, which is why we consistently take measures to protect Xbox Live against ever-changing threats.”

As for last week’s Tumble user – Microsoft has quickly moved to reinstate her account, no doubt thanks to the widespread media coverage the case was getting.

However, we are aware that a handful of customers have experienced problems getting their accounts restored once they’ve reported an issue,” it added.

We are working directly with those customers to restore their accounts as soon as possible and are reviewing our processes to ensure a positive customer support experience.”

While we do not ordinarily comment on specific cases, Microsoft can confirm that the account in question has been reinstated to its rightful owner and all unauthorized charges are being refunded in full.”

As for the blogger in question, she admits that she’s finally happy with the treatment she’s received, but rightly adds that it shouldn’t have taken international media coverage to obtain it.

I do not want to sit here and say I am unhappy with the results. I’m not, I have access to my money again and I no longer have to worry about feeding my boy,” she admitted. What has frustrated me is how I have been treated throughout all of this.

At first I was given the run around, then I was lied to, then I was passed on from person to person and theONLYreason why I am sitting here with a completed grocery list next to me is because I made a big ol’ fuss. I set out to get your attention, to get people talking, to force Microsoft to ignore me no more. I succeeded, but what about the numerous (read: 100+) people who have sent me emails telling me their stories?”

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