Future versions could contain physics, AI or inverse kinematics engines

Microsoft soliciting XNA feedback

GameDev.net reports that Microsoft is hosting a survey asking for opinions on its XNA technology, aiming to gauge opinions on its current state and wishes for future features.

One of the question hints to future feature suggestions, one multiple choice question asking applicants to choose whether they’d prefer the next version of XNA Game Studio to have an AI engine, a physics engine or an inverse-kinematics engine.

The survey underlines Chris Satchell’s comments to usin our interview last year after the announcement of XNA Game Studio 2.0, where he said: "Every single release there will be more features and we will tailor the features and improve them to match what the community is asking for, because we do want to listen to take note."

"Other feature additions will come from things we see – trends we observe in traditional development and if we can interpret that in a way that the community can use with Game Studio, that’s even better because we can keep bridging the gap between those worlds. It feeds back both ways: we’ll get ideas from Game Studio that’ll go into our other development tools that the big publishers use, and ideas from there will feed into Game Studio."

"We’ll have ideas and the community will have ideas, and you can expect to see continual advancement," he added.

The survey can be taken at the following website, and closes on January 30th. A Windows Live ID is required to take part in the questionnaire.

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