MTV News says that Rare is working on Mii-like system of digital avatars as well

Microsoft working on Wiimote clone, says report

An anonymous development source claims to confirm with MTV a long-running point of industry rumour and speculation: that Microsoft plans to introduce its own Wiimote-styled controller

"Microsoft’s response to Nintendo’s Wii will appear before the end of the year," says the report, which adds that the Xbox 360 motion-sensing device has been in the works since last summer.

According to MTV’s source, Microsoft’s effort is similar to Nintendo’s but boasts an analogue stick and microphone built in, and doesn’t require a Nunchuck plug-in extra.

Meanwhile the report adds that UK-based Rare "has been tasked with creating a unified interface and look for the controller" but "has had trouble hitting its deadlines".

Microsoft is said to be looking to unite both the Wii’s more accessible styles of play with its own more hardcore gamer-oriented, and is specifically saying that developers will best appreciate the fact that games for the Nintendo console can be ported to the 360.

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