Minecraft on PlayStation. The retail smash hit of the summer?

Mojang hopes to repeat last year’s feat and have Minecraft sit atop of the UK retail charts all summer.

A physical version of the construction game is being released for PlayStation 3 on May 14th, with versions on PS4 and Vita set to arrive by September.

The game has already dominated the No,1 position in the PSN charts since it launched last December.

Last summer, Microsoft released a boxed version of Minecraft for Xbox 360, which again launched well after the digital version. However, the title went on to dominate the physical charts throughout the summer and to date has sold well over half a million units in the UK alone, according to MCV retail sources.

Mojang tells MCV that the popularity of Minecraft on disc is not a surprise when you consider the gifting market. And says it is looking to expand its retail options.

Considering that Minecraft for Xbox has been selling really well on disc, we see that there is still had huge demand for discs and we think that releasing a disc version of Minecraft for the PS3 will be huge too,” Kaplan said.

We try to make sure that our fans are able to engage with our game wherever they are and this is an other way of making sure we fulfill the need.”

He added: Our physical business will continue growing but will never surpass our digital sales.

The reason why it will continue growing is because there is still the gifting option, where it is pretty nice to get a package or something, rather than a code emailed to you.

We are also going to expand the countries where we have prepaid cards so I think all in all it will be great for the
players to have access to various payment methods that they like.”

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