Miyamoto wants old Zelda games in 3D

With Zelda’s next epic chapter due in shops next Friday (November 18th), the producer of Skyward Sword has hinted at an exciting new 3D future for the series.

And furthermore, none other than Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto is fronting the project.

Mr. Miyamoto himself has been talking recently about going back to the 2D Zelda games," Eiji Aonuma told GamesRadar. "In particular the ones that were designed with multiple levels to the world like A Link to the Past, and taking those 2D graphics and recreating them in 3D so that you could get a sense for the depth of those worlds.

That’s something that might be interesting to do, so I would say there might be a possibility of something like that in the future."

One thing that might work against the plan, however, is Nintendo’s emerging strategy of avoiding the use of 3D in its 3DS marketing. What that means for the use of the tech in future Nintendo releases remains to be seen.

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