Miyamoto: We ARE working on new Mario

Nintendo development legend Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that he is overseeing the creation of new Zelda, Mario and Pimkin games.

Nintendo boss Saturo Iwata kicked off a fanboy frenzy at E3, when he stated that the company’s internal teams were hard at work on new iterations in all three classic series.

Miyamoto then confirmed that he was managing dev teams working on a new Zelda and Pikmin games – but failed to mention Mario.

However, in a new interview with The Telegraph, Miyamoto said:

"Making these ‘traditional’ games is what I am best at. Because games of that nature take upwards of two or three years to make, we always have to keep the teams working on those projects going.

"At any given time, the team could be five to ten people, or it could be 50-plus. People are always switching in and out of those teams.

"They are all working on more Mario, Zelda and Pikmin projects. And they all work in close proximity to me, so I can keep a good eye on them."

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