MOH LE includes Battlefield 3 beta

EA has detailed the goodies that are set to be included in the Limited Edition version of upcoming FPS Medal of Honor.

Chief amongst the offerings is the inclusion of an invitation for the beta of next year’s high-profile FPS Battlefield 3, which is currently in development at EA-owned Swedish studio DICE.

Also bundled in the box will be a host of in-game DLC, including Tier 1 weapon the MP-7 and two new shotguns.

As confirmed at E3, the PS3 version of the Limited Edition SKU will also include an HD remake of console shooter Medal of Honor: Frontline. First released in 2002, the game took the series to a whole new level of popularity, thanks largely to its visceral opening level that offered an at-the-time groundbreaking depiction of the Normandy beach landings.

Medal of Honor is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 15th.

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