Molyneux forced to rename Curiosity; Game delayed to September

NASA’s Curiosity Rover may be 34.8m miles away from Earth, but that’s not stopping it causing a very terrestrial kerfuffle.

Development favourite Peter Molyneux has revealed that a trademark issue with NASA means that he’s left looking for a new name for his debut iOS game, that until now has been known as Curiosity.

How about The Cube? Oh, damn.

The news comes after yesterday’s confirmation that The Game Formerly Known As Curiosity has seen its release date slip from earlier this week to September. And that’s after missing its first release date of mid-June.

But hey, this is Peter Molyneux.

What we have got is a new trailer for the game, which can be seen below.

UPDATE:Modojo reports that the name change is a result of Google SEO. Basiclaly, 22Cans thought better of trying to compete with NASA’a Curiosity online.

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