Project leads for open-source project in discussions with platform holders

MonoGame hopes to bring XNA-based framework to all consoles this year

The programmers behind open source development framework MonoGame are hoping to add engine support to all consoles by the end of the year.

Speaking to Develop, project lead and Sickhead Games co-owner Tom Spilman said the volunteer team had been in discussions with console manufacturers and talks so far had been encouraging. He stressed however that nothing was confirmed as of yet.

Last week MonoGame added free PS4 support, bringing titles such as Towerfall: Ascension to the console.

"We have been talking with them [platform holders] for a while now and they are very encouraging and helpful, but we have nothing to announce yet," said Spilman.

"We hope to see MonoGame available on all the consoles this year."

Microsoft abanonded the popular indie development toolset XNA early last year.

Since then MonoGame has continued to support the framework, and has brought the open-source project to platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows 8. Support was also announced for Wii U last year, and its ambition to bring the toolset to all consoles could mean a return for XNA to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

You can read our full interview with project leads Tom Spilman and Steve Williams here.

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