Microsoft's developer conference to lift the veil on Xbox 360's high profile device

More from Natal at Gamefest 2010

Writing in his latest blog for Develop, Microsoft’s Ben Board has revealed that attendees of the platform holder’s Gamefest 2010 event will be granted access to a wealth of new information about Natal.

"At this conference the very latest insights and updates will be available to a broader audience and in greater depth than before," said the Microsoft European developer account manager when talking about Natal, which has thus far been very closely guarded. Only Microsoft’s closest development partners have been granted substantial access to this point; something Board says will change at the conference.

"Xbox developers will have access to tracks dedicated to working with this remarkable device, not just from a technical perspective, but also by introducing the new directions in which gaming without a controller pushes us to think about design and production," he added.

The Gamefest event is Microsoft’s own developer focused conference. The European version of Gamefest 2010 is to take place in London on February 24th and 25th at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge, some two weeks after the US edition, which will be hosted in Seattle.

Gamefest 2010 is a two-day long collection of sessions, seminars and panels dedicated to developing games for Xbox 360 and Windows. It is open to all developers with a relevant agreement with Microsoft – XDK, Games for Windows LIVE or the US’s Registered Developers Program.

Check out Board’s blog for more details on the event, and how Natal will be the star.

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