More rumours hint at no optical drive for Nintendo NX

Fresh evidence has cropped up suggesting that the Nintendo NX won’t use optical discs and will instead utilise 3DS-style game cards.

Nintendo Life reports that 3DS card manufacturer Macronix has predicted a big revenue rise later in its financial year, tying in with NX’s March 2017 launch window. The company also says that the console will launch simultaneously worldwide, seemingly rubbishing predictions that it will launch first in Japan.

Macronix announced a net loss per share of 0.25 yuan in the first quarter. Wu Miin, chairman of Macronix, stated that ‘the worst situation has passed’,” Japanese reports stated. He expects that the company can potentially get rid of loss in the third quarter as the orders of an important customer, Nintendo, will have critical impact. The company targets a profit-loss balance annually.

Wu Miin pointed out that because Nintendo has announced that the new platform will be launched in March next year, orders should be placed in advance. Therefore, the operating revenue of Macronix in the fourth quarter may be as good as the third quarter.”

Macronix has also recently started testing new 32nm ROM chips, suggesting it is preparing to produce higher capacity cards that the 8GB 75nm chips used on 3DS – something that would be needed for any new machine.

If true, this seems to be further evidence that NX will, as rumoured, be a predominantly portable device with the capacity to output to a home TV.

Rumours that the NX would ditch discs have been around for over a year.

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