Flower, EyePet, and High Velocity Bowling first to get updates

Motion-control update for existing PS3 games

Sony will soon be updating a number of old PS3 titles with motion-control functionality.

The initiative is likely to throw open new opportunities for the studios that have already created PS3 titles; there now exists the chance to modernise old projects.

Sony has, for now, kept to a list of five games that will be given motion-control functionality, updated through the PlayStation Network.

Those games are Flower (Thatgamecompany), PAIN (Idol Minds), High Velocity Bowling (SCE Studios San Diego), EyePet (Sony London Studio), and Hustle Kings (VooFoo Studios).

Sony’s motion controller, still without an official title, is due for release in spring 2010.

The device features two motion sensors, a three-axes gyroscope, three-axes accelerometer, a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connection to the PlayStation 3.

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