Online gaming tool 'helps devs provide multiplayer on deadline'

Multiplayer middleware Raknet approved for 360

Raknet, the high-performance network tool that helps developers build online game features, has now been approved for use on the Xbox 360.

Over the past two years the tool had been granted approval on platforms such as Windows, PS3, Linux, iPhone and Android.

Raknet can now directly integrate for voice chat and online sessions on the Xbox, and the software’s online session support is said can automatically sort host migration.

Jenkins Software, the developer of RakNet, says the tool’s interface is similar to that of other platforms, which may be of benefit to third-party cross-platform projects.

RakNet’s core features set have been ported to the console, the firm said, including “reliable UDP with congestion control, object replication, remote procedure calls, and real-time SQL-logging”.

Jenkins Software president, Kevin Jenkins, said Raknet’s native integration with Xbox Live “reduces developer workload, furthering our objective of providing multiplayer on a deadline.”

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