Naked Prince Harry not in new GTA V screens; No release date either

We’ve been honest about this from the off – we’re doing this only for the clicks.

We started with the headline MCV posts Grand Theft Auto V screens to try and generate clicks”. Then we went with More GTA V screens for you… but still no release date”.

But now we’re really going for it.

We’ve been blatantly honest about posting these screens for the simple reason that we thought they’d bring us lots of traffic. What was less clear was whether or not our honesty about our motivation would affect that.

It hasn’t. The two stories we posted earlier in the week are the first and third most read stories on the site all week.

So let’s see how this one goes. That headline? Pure click farming. Brazen, unabashed click bait. We’re playing SEO like a bitch. Does this make us bad people? Arguably, yes. But we’re trying to be clever by doing this in a way that will still generate traffic whilst allowing us to insist that we’re honest and in some way better than all of those other sites.

Has the experiment succeeded? Our analytics says yes. Our souls say no.

And our secret hope that the last screen would reveal a release date has come to nowt, either. Bah.

Anyway, there are some new Grand Theft Auto V screens. They’re below.

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