New Fox sitcom about game devs slammed for casual sexism and racism

A new Fox sitcom called Dads is due to air for the first time next month but is already being criticised by critics.

The Daily Mail reports that the show, produced by Seth MacFarlane and starring Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as a pair of video game developers, has evoked the wrath of critics invited to early screenings for being crass, sexist and racially insensitive” and relying on poop jokes and sexy Asian schoolgirl jokes for cheap laughs”.

Other comments include the accusation that it is mostly nasty about women of colour” and that it’s casually racist and horrifically unfunny”.

Its producers have in light of the response vowed to tweak the tone of the series as appropriate as the season unfolds”, although they defended it by claiming that it focused on human frailties”.

Dads is currently scheduled to debut on September 17th.

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