Studios not told of any such update since the PSN hack, Sony source says

New PS3 SDK ‘completely unrelated to PSN issues’

Sony is not updating the PS3 SDK as a counter-measure against the massive data breach that has rocked the PlayStation Network.

No general notice of new SDKs has been issued to studios, nor is one currently available, Develop understands.

Confusion surrounding the matter had arisen yesterday when news reports claimed the SDK update “will provide new security features in response to a massive data leak”.

Since then, Develop has heard from multiple studios who appeared perplexed by the news.

Last week, a notice was sent to some studios that suggested the PS3 SDK would be updated to version 3.6 for general improvements.

That notice was issued before the massive PSN data leak, a Sony development source told Develop.

Yet there remains confusion on the matter, as one independent outfit told Develop that studios currently submitting games to Sony might not be able to do so without the new SDK.

This appears to be incorrect, or unrelated to the issue.

A Sony spokesperson has declined to comment.

On Tuesday, Sony revealed that the data of "possibly all" PSN users had got into the hands of an unauthorised individual.

Usernames, passwords, user locations and other information has been taken in one of the biggest data thefts in history.

Some 70 million PSN customers are thought to have their info compromised.

Encrypted credit card details may have been taken, Sony said.

So far the stolen information has not led to reports of illicit credit card activity or identity theft, Sony claims.

“Not at this point in time,” the firm said on Tuesday.

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