New UK 360 price cuts on the way

It looks as though there’s going to be another wave of Xbox 360 price cuts in time for Christmas in the UK – at Woolworths, at least.

According to a leaked scan of the new Woolworths magazine by a cheeky employee, the Xbox 360 Arcade will be put on sale at 129.99, with the 60GB Xbox 360 dipping to 169.99. The Elite will be cut to 229.99.

That would make the family-focused Arcade model 50 cheaper than Nintendo’s Wii in the region.

Microsoft this month dropped prices in the US to similar levels, resulting in a 600 per cent sales of the Arcade model.

Woolworths told MCV in a statement:

"The Christmas 2008 Woolworths Big Red Book is not released until the first week of October and, until that date, remains a confidential document.

"There are several draft editions in existence, with prices, products and descriptions varying dependent on the draft.

"Woolworths will not comment directly on the speculation that has appeared on various gaming websites as it is commercially sensitive information."

Thanks to Engadget.

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