New Xbox "6x as powerful as Xbox 360"

The successor to the Xbox 360 will be six times as powerful as the current machine, fresh reports suggest.

IGN claims to have word from sources close to the project” that its GPU architecture will be based on the existing Radeon HD 6670 card. That card, which was launched in the UK last year, currently retails for around 50.

That’s somewhat less powerful (though of course more affordable) that the AMD 7000 series Southern Islands GPU that previous rumours had suggested was at the heart of the machine’s tech.

Nonetheless, the Radeon supports fluid video at 1080p 3D as well as multi-display output.

The same report claims that when bundled together this all represents a performance 20 per cent better than Nintendo’s in-production Wii U.

Developers, IGN says, are likely to begin receiving development kits in August. MCV however understands that some dev kits are already out there in the wild.

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