New Xbox video shows off Project Scorpio XDK

Microsoft has gone in depth about the power of their new Project Scorpio development kit.

In an unusual move, Xbox’s Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) sat down with Kevin Gammill from the Xbox Engineering Team to look at the new XDK (Xbox Development Kit) and explain all of its features.

All of these features come from feedback from developers, including moving the airflow for ventilation so that the kits can be stacked, and a higher spec so that game development can be refined on iteration from a higher point and allow for faster iteration. Developers wanted more power, Gammill said, in order to devleop a game at the highest possible point and then fine tune down in iterations so that projects can run on consumer consoles.

It comes with, according to Gammill "4 more CUs and 12GB of additional GDDR RAM (24GB in total) and an additional 1TB internal Hard Drive."

However this XDK, despite looking a bit like the Xbox One S, is not indicative of what Project Scorpio would look like. Several times during the video, Hyrb points out difference to the consumer console he has seen. What this means for the consumer console is anyone’s guess but it sounds like it isn’t going to follow the current look of Xbox’s primary Xbox One S console design.

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