NGP: ‘4x as powerful as any other portable’

Though Sony didn’t this morning repeat the "as powerful as PS3" line that it had been giving to developers over the last few months, the Next Generation Portable is certainly a stompingly powerful device.

In fact, Epic founder Tim Sweeney told attendees at Sony’s Tokyo press gathering that the new PSP is simply miles ahead of any portable competitor currently on the market.

"Sony’s multi-core GPU is roughly 4x as powerful as any portable we’ve previously seen," he stated. "We’re very excited and think you will be stunned at what’s possible on Sony’s next generation portable platform."

He showed a version of Epic Citadel, the current tech darling of Apple iOS gamers, running on the device. Also demonstrated was was a version of Dungeon Defenders, which supposedly was ported from the PS3 version in just one week.

Sweeney also confirmed that Unreal Engine 3 will run on the machine.

"Our NGP demos were 100 per cent live real-time demos with Josh Adams at the controls of an NGP dev kit back stage while Tim spoke," Epic’s Mark Rein said on Twitter.

"Can’t wait for people to see how good our demo looks on the actual NGP screen. Way, way better than it looks on a giant projection screen."

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