Nintendo considered showing E3 Wii U Zelda in E3 Direct

The in-development Zelda title for Wii U was considered for inclusion in Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation, it has been revealed.

The platform holder decided against it, however, as it didn’t want to draw attention away from its other titles.

We are working on a new Wii U Zelda, as we do whenever we work on a new hardware system. Development on the new Wii U Zelda game, we’ve pretty much determined our direction on that and the teams are working hard on that,” Nintendo’s development boss Shigeru Miyamoto told Games Industry.

In fact, we actually did consider showing it at E3 this year but we were worried that if we showed the new Wii U Zelda game then that would attract all of the focus, and really what we want people to be aware of and pay attention to here at E3 are the playable games like Pikmin 3 that we have coming in the immediate future, because a lot of fun is with the games that are coming out this year.”

Miyamoto also addressed the question being asked of the company for its ongoing failure to support the struggling Wii U with first party software releases.

Obviously if you speak in terms of simple math you could say that Nintendo should just multiply its development team staff by four times and then everything would be fine, but unfortunately things aren’t quite that easy,” he insisted.

Our focus is always on delivering the highest quality content, and simply increasing the development team size isn’t going to allow you to achieve the level of quality that we strive for. You really have to kind of bring those people up gradually and help teach them how to develop games in order to achieve that consistent quality level. So that’s one challenge that we’re always engaging with and one we’re progressing on.”

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