Nintendo dates summer line-up

Nintendo has dated a raft of 3DS, Wii and DS titles, including Ocarina of Time 3DS, Steel Diver, Dead or Alive: Dimensions and a sequel to Wii Play.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS will be released in the UK on June 17th – two days before its arrival in the US.

Steel Diver – a US 3DS launch title that puts players in command of a submarine – will be released in just a few weeks on May 6th. This will be followed by Dead or Alive’s 3DS debut with DOA: Dimensions on May 20th.

Nintendo was keen to point out there are plenty of titles due for DS and Wii. DS highlights include Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie – a remake of the acclaimed SNES RPG – on May 20th and an original fantasy adventure, Solatorobo: Red The Hunter, on July 1st.

While no first-party retail games are due on Wii in Q2, Nintendo did announce Wii Play: Motion, a sequel to the best-selling launch game that will include 12 new mini-games built for MotionPlus.

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