Nintendo exec wants fans to ‘take more risks on the eShop’

The senior manager of marketing in Nintendo of America’s licensing department has urged the company’s fans to be a bit more adventurous with the digital content they buy.

"It seems like a lot of the Nintendo fans and consumers they gravitate towards nostalgia, they gravitate towards platformer and puzzle action games," Damon Baker told Gamasutra. "If I had one wish to be fulfilled, I would love to see Nintendo fans and consumers take more risks on eShop."

Nintendo last month offered its first ever Humble Bundle. When asked how well the promotion went, Baker said the platform holder was quite pleased”, adding: "The main objective of the promotion was really to reach a wider audience, and let as many people know about this great indie content as possible."

However, one thing the company will continue to shy away from is funding indie game development or paying for timed indie exclusives.

"We’ve given lots of thought to it," Baker claimed. "Nintendo is pretty famous for being pretty tight with our money; we want to be efficient with our funds. We continue to look for other ways to promote that key content, and that stuff we consider to be priority."

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