Nintendo paints the town red for new 3DS launch

The UK will be awash with the colour red to ensure consumers are well aware of Nintendo’s bright new 3DS.

Over 6,000 UK locations will be ‘painted red’ around the launch of the Metallic Red 3DS which hits shelves today, with six-sheet and 48-sheet posters advertising the new colour.

Nintendo will also take over the two digital screen towers on the A4 at Hammersmith which is connected to the M4.

The launch of the Metallic Red 3DS will be supported by a large scale nationwide outdoor campaign, painting the streets red for this great new hardware launch,” Nintendo product manager Zoe Cooper told MCV.

Metallic Red 3DS brings with it all the amazing features of the all new handheld console the Nintendo 3DS, but in a hot new colour that will appeal to all. It’s another great reason for existing DS owners to purchase the next generation in handheld gaming – the Nintendo 3DS.”

The launch comes ahead of several new Nintendo 3DS games including Super Mario 3D Land on November 18th and Mario Kart 7 on December 2nd.

Ads on gaming websites will drive pre-orders of 3D Land ahead of release.

Closer to launch, online activity across all major kids sites will show off the game’s different features.

Super Mario 3D Land will have a large TV presence in mid-November, with a separate campaign targeting kids TV channels.

Nintendo’s junior product manager Roger Langford added: All of this activity will ensure that all fans of Mario will be aware of his latest adventure.

And with Mario Kart 7 also on the horizon, it’s an exciting time for Nintendo 3DS.”

Mario isn’t the only Nintendo icon to be backed by a massive marketing push this Christmas.

Super Pokmon Rumble – the series’ first retail release on 3DS – will be promoted in an ad with popular boy band One Direction, while TV spots for Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call on Nintendo DS will target women over 35 years old.

Finally The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will receive a dedicated online and TV campaign around the Wii game’s release on November 18th.

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