Nintendo plans big digital campaign

The DSi XL might have been grabbing all the headlines recently, but the start of 2010 has also seen Nintendo focussing on the online capabilities of the DS and Wii.

A three week TV campaign kicks off on Monday (January 18th), with two different strands highlighting the capabilities of the Wii and the DSi.

This will be backed up by a drive to educate and involve retailers, encouraging them to explain and promote the features in-store.

The Wii ad focuses on the BBC iPlayer, downloadable content for Activision’s Band Hero, and the exclusive WiiWare game, Bonsai Barber.

The DSi, meanwhile, gets three separate executions, each showing a different feature: Facebook, Little Bit of Brain Training (on DSiWare) and Dictionary 6 in 1.

As with the pre-Christmas campaign, all ads will direct viewers to, this time to view a series of bitesize tutorials explaining how to get online and access the different features on both formats.

Meanwhile, retailers will be sent leaflets to display at point of purchase. They will help consumers get online and push the benefits of the enhanced, connected experience. There will also be POS flagging up the availability of Nintendo Points (needed to purchase premium online content) and lanyards for staff to wear so that they have all the info at hand.

Online manager Polly Sherrard told MCV: WiiWare and DSiWare are not threats to retail. We don’t believe today’s packaged business will simply be replaced by electronic distribution.

"Titles like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart and Wii Fit will always work best with the big launch presence that only a retail environment can provide. WiiWare will work alongside retail. It is not a replacement.”

For a closer look at Nintendo’s digital plans, check out its recent MCV supplement which can either be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.

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