Nintendo remains committed to 3D content, despite 2DS switch

Big questions were asked of the 3D future of the 3DS when Nintendo revealed that its latest version, the 2DS, had done away with the 3D screen.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, however, has told investors that the new machine does not represent an end to the company’s portable 3D ambitions.

"We already realised beforehand that it would be difficult to maximize the sales potential of Nintendo 3DS without an entry-level product ready in time for the release of a new Pokmon title," Iwata said, according to CVG.

"We are offering such an option in order to further propel the popularity of the Nintendo 3DS platform in the overseas markets. Nintendo 2DS is, however, simply one of the options for consumers.

We will continue to offer the existing Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL platforms in the overseas markets and we are not saying that we will abandon 3D or cease to make new propositions in 3D."

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