NINTENDO: Skylanders Superchargers will feature Skylanders-Amiibo hybrid figures

Two of gaming’s biggest toys-to-life brands are teaming up.

Ahead of the launch of Activision’s next instalment in the Skylanders franchise, Superchargers, the publisher made an appearance in Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event to reveal two brand new figurines for the game.

Turbocharged Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser are brand new takes on the iconic Mario enemies.

Aligning with Superchargers’ new vehicular gameplay, each figure will include an accompanying vehicle – Donkey Kong’s Barrel Blaster and Bowser’s Clown Cruiser.

They will also each have special abilites tying into their titular design; Donkey Kong can throw barrels and DK can slam his hammer down.

However, the big news is that the two models won’t just work with the Skylanders Portal of Power.

By twisting the base of each, players can switch them from Skylanders to Nintendo’s own Amiibo platform.

What this will unlock in Nintendo’s titles was left unclear, but the partnership could heat up competition between the brands and Disney’s competing Infinity IP.

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