Nintendo to drop DSi trade price

As revealed by MCV this morning, Nintendo has followed the price cuts announced for the DS in Japan earlier today by confirming that the trade price of the handheld console is Europe is also set to drop.

In the UK Nintendo will be reducing the trade price of Nintendo DSi to retailers from June 18, 2010,” a statement read. The ultimate price to consumers is, of course, determined by the retailers”.

Nintendo UK has historically made a point of stressing that, unlike nearly all other tech companies, it does not dictate RRPs to retailers.

However, if the reductions in Japan are anything to go by, retailers can expect a drop of around 20-30 in the trade price.

In reality this could see the DSi XL fall from around 160 to 130-140, the DSi from 150 to 120-130 and the DS Lite from 100 to as little as 60-70.

The moves come ahead of the release of more detailed information on Nintendo’s next handheld, the 3DS, at E3 later this month.

UPDATE: Nintendo has confirmed to MCV that the price cut only applies to the DSi and not the DS Lite or DSi XL.

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