Nintendo to focus on DSi brand this year

Nintendo intends to keep manufacturing the DS Lite alongside the DSi and new DSi XL – but the format-holder has told MCV that the industry should expect an increased emphasis on the online-connected DSi devices.

Our current plans are to continue manufacturing Nintendo DS Lite globally,” a spokesperson explained.

The DS Lite has been a highly popular handheld console and has brought fun to an expanded audience of gamers – male and female; young and old – and sales remain strong.

That said, it is true that our key focus in the UK for 2010 will be the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL.”

DSi launched last year, re-introducing the dominant handheld with a raft of online content functions, including an in-built Wii Shop and web browser. The DSi XL – which arrives on March 5th – maintains that strategy, adding much bigger screens to the mix.

Nintendo is treating the XL’s arrival as akin to a new hardware launch.

A heavyweight TV campaign will be rolled out in early March – MCV will have more details on that in the coming weeks.

The format-holder plans to promote the fact that the XL boasts a ‘wider viewing angle’, meaning that those big screens are easier to see for those not actually playing. Another key feature is the inclusion of a second stylus; as well as the standard slim version, the XL will come with a larger one in the shape of a pen.

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