Nintendo tries again to pitch Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is perhaps the most ill-received Nintendo game of all time, but the company is having another stab at selling it to you.

The games last year became the figurehead of what was a very hostile reaction to Nintendo’s pretty threadbare E3 showing. This was acknowledged by the company, and a petition was started to actually talk Nintendo out of releasing the game at all.

Here’s a taste of the petition feedback:

I signed it, honestly i refuse to just f*cking let them ignore us and not listen to their gaming audience. I REFUSE to let them walk all over us and pretend this was a good idea, this is a travesty to the metroid series and NOBODY asked for this , EVERYONE wanted ANYTHING but a F*CKING SOCCER METROID GAME AND SAMUS ISNT EVEN IN IT. This is disgusting so yeah i signed it and im happy I did because maybe now they’ll finally listen to us.”

All this over a game people are entirely free not to purchase. But not purchasing is not enough when the game still exists. It must be eradicated entirely from spacetime.

So Nintendo last night re-pitched the game to its audience. Nintendo Direct host Bill Trinen admitted that the game’s E3 announcement left fans with some questions”. The match-based title itself explores the conflict between the Galactic Federation and Space Pirates.

How has it been received this time? Kotaku reports that the YouTube trailer instantly started getting downvoted. By the last count, it had 1,374 negatives and 600 positives. Perhaps more telling is the fact that upvote and downvote counts have now been disabled entirely.

Take a look for yourself:

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