Nintendo upgrades Wii, DSi piracy protection

Nintendo has improved its protection against piracy on Wii and DS with new firmware updates.

The downloads were released earlier this week and are said to block consumers from using many of the more common flash carts and software modifications that allow pirated games to be played.

Official release notes for DSi Menu v1.4.1U claim that the update only provides behind-the-scenes improvements to system performance”. However, reports have emerged that it prevents DSi gamers from using popular flash cart brands such as the Acekard 2i and DSTTi, according to Gamasutra.

The Wii’s latest firmware update, version 4.3U, warns consumers that it may detect and remove unauthorised content causing immediate or delayed inoperability of your console”.

The news is the latest example of platform holders stepping up their efforts in the fight again piracy. Earlier this week, Sony released a downloadable patch that blocks the controversial PSJailbreak.

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