Nintendo wont change 3DS shape

The Nintendo 3DS won’t change in appearance before it hits shelves next year, the publisher has confirmed.

When asked whether the look of the 3DS will change before release, Nintendo’s veteran game producer Hideki Konno told Wired: You can take this as the final shape.”

The first DS was initially revealed at E3 in 2004 and it’s exterior form wasn’t final. The design was slightly bulkier than the finished model and its upper screen featured embossed curves which were later removed.

Nintendo’s 3DS was officially unveiled at E3 last month. It boasts two camera lenses that allow pictures to be taken in 3D, a slider to determine the level of 3D on display and two screens. The 3DS also features improved graphics and 3D movie support.

Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime previously said the handheld console won’t arrive until next year.

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