Nintendo’s Amiibo ‘offers a completely different experience’ to Skylanders and Disney Infinity

American Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-AIme has insisted that upcoming toy line Amiibo will not compete with Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

Why is this important? Not only because Nintendo doesn’t want to be seen entering what is already a crowded toys-to-life sector but also because Skylanders and Infinity are two of the few third party brands that currently enjoy success on Nintendo machines – and Nintendo doesn’t want to be seen to be going to war with successful partners.

We’re not going to compete with Skylanders and Disney,” Fils-Aime insisted to VentureBeat. North of 50 per cent of the combined Skylanders and Disney Infinity business is done on Nintendo platforms in the United States. 58 per cent, to be exact. We want that ongoing level of effectiveness on our platforms.

What we believe Amiibo does is offer a completely different type of experience. It’s Nintendo IP. That drives a level of appeal. The gameplay will be across multiple games. We think kids are going to love that. We think mom and dad are going to love that.

It creates a point of difference is that the demographic footprint for Amiibo, we think, is going to be much wider. We see the inclusion of the more youth-oriented characters like Kirby and Pikachu and Yoshi, and characters like Princess Peach that might have more appeal to girls. We see the collectability with young adults who are interested in our characters.

We think our footprint is going to be larger than what the current toys-to-life category players have been able to create. Again, it’s a great example of entering a space, but doing it in a uniquely Nintendo way.”

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