Nintendo’s decline ‘could be detrimental to the market’, Sony says

Any declines suffered by Nintendo will come at a cost for the wider market unless platform holders act.

That’s according to UK PlayStation boss Fergal Gara, who told TrustedReviews(as spotted by NintendoLife): "[The decline of Nintendo] could be detrimental to the market, unless people like us raise our game and help tap into the younger consumer group that they serve rather well.

That is the challenge to us. We need to bring maybe more family-friendly, more casual experiences into the market. I think there’s a big market segment there that we should take the challenge to engage and I see lots of potential to do that.”

The implication is that lapsed Nintendo gamers will not by default gravitate to other formats and could instead simply slip from the market.

Sony, to its credit, has a rich history of broadening PlayStation’s appeal and has previously enjoyed great success with the likes of SingStar and Invizimals, even if the likes of Wonderbook have proved less of a commercial success.

However, PS4 has in its early days focused primarily on the core gamer and has to date made little attempt to win over more casual markets.

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