No DSiWare transfers for DSi XL

It has emerged that consumers hoping to upgrade from their existing DSi to the all-new super-sized DSi XL have no way of transferring over any existing DSiWare purchases stored on their old machines.

The situation echoes that suffered by Sony when it unleashed its digital-only PSPgo, leaving owners of older PSPs unable to ply their existing UMD collection on their new console.

And the ‘solution‘ to the problem offered by Sony came in for a fair bit of criticism.

Speaking to Kotaku, a Nintendo rep confirmed that there’s no existing provision for transferring DSiWare purchases, though did add that the platform holder is looking into that specific topic” but doesn’t have anything to announce at this time”.

As Kotaku points out, transferring content on things such as the iPhone is a painless process, and whilst ‘painless’ can’t always be used to describe the same process for owners of PS3 or Xbox 360, content transfer is certainly possible.

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