No Hearthstone for consoles as attention focuses on Android version

Blizzard’s epically popular PC, Mac and iPad title Hearthstone is unlikely to appear on consoles in the near future.

"It’s not something we’re actually looking at right now," Hearthstone production director Jason Chayes told Eurogamer. We feel like we have our hands full in the short term with getting onto Android as soon as we can, which is kind of one of the big priorities we’re looking at right now.

"What we’ve said in the past, and this will continue to be the case, is that we want to be able to hear back from our community and our players what they’re really interested in, what they’re very passionate about.

If getting Hearthstone onto console is something there’s a huge interest in, then we’d love to hear about that so it’s something we can be thinking about."

In a separate Eurogamer interview Chayes also argued that Hearthstone has pulled off the perfect balance required for a free-to-play title that is fair on players.

"We really wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just lip service to say it’s free to play and then hit some kind of monetisation gate where you had to buy things,” he added.

So for us making sure you could actually earn all the things you needed to be competitive was something we put a lot of time into. Seeing that happen and seeing people construct the decks they need to play at the very top levels of play and seeing that happen through the community was awesome.

Overall we felt very good about how that evolved and how in some ways helped validate our approach, and we feel pretty good about the direction that’s been heading."

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